Ofis Istanbul Foreign Trade LIMITED company

Established in 2018, our company provides services in African countries, European countries and the Americas.

With our expert staff on behalf of logistics transportation and commercial consulting, we continue to prove that we are an unbeatable and single company every day. We are moving forward to provide you with a broader service policy on international transport services. In accordance with the requirements shown by the sector, we follow the functioning abroad in the best way and carry out it together with our representatives. Expert and experienced personnel our staff has established the functioning and work in an appropriate system and has taken care to provide smooth transportation services. We are increasing our activities in the fields of logistics and commercial consulting by adding them every day. Due to the continuous development of technology, we follow developments closely, innovations come to life instantly, we act with ‘customer satisfaction and trust’, ‘quality service’ and ‘business ethics’, we provide you with expert solutions.

We do not limit our areas of activity to standard cargo and products, but rather we also carry out transportation and transportation belonging to all kinds of cargo groups that you need. We provide important services in areas such as international transportation, sea cargo, air cargo, container transportation, partial transportation and project transportation, but we make it the most reliable commercial consulting opportunity. We do our work with rigor and confidence and ensure a successful and reliable working schedule by ensuring the arrival of loaded products to delivery points in a short period of time. (OFİS İSTANBUL DIŞ TİCARET) OFIS Istanbul Foreign Trade LIMITED company, with its structure that can produce rational and precise solutions, continues its growth and development speed with determination on this path that it has taken in 2018.




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