Ofis İstanbul
Fast and safe shipping. Anytime. Everywhere.
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Global Logistics
We work best for fast, safe and just-in-time delivery in the air, at sea.
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Commercial Consulting
Professional consultancy service.
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Money Transfer
Performing easy and reliable money transfers.
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Full Container Loading

Full Container Loading

Professional transportation with the latest technological products
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Project transportation

Project transportation

Just-in-time delivery guarantee
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Partial transportation

Partial transportation

Best vehicle & Best price
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Ofis İstanbul

Fast, Reliable and Timely Delivery

Disciplined working principle
Low operating costs
Disciplined working principle
Expert team in the field
24/7 Technical support
Minimum processing times

Safe Shipping

Your products are specially shipped with protective packages.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support team is ready to contact you 24/7.

Timely delivery

Final delivery is made until the delivery date stated for the order.

3000+m2 Storage Area

As Ofis Istanbul, our storage center is wide and secure.

Quality logistics services

Full range of quality logistics services with Ofis Istanbul

International shipping

Discover fast, reliable international shipping methods with Ofis Istanbul

Highway transports

Rail transport

Airways transporting

Maritime transport

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